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 Doppelpfeil  Products

Our delivery program
Cap Seals
  • Pilfer-Proof liners
  • Liners for all bottle or jar caps
    made of glass, metal or plastic
  • Washers for (5 gallon) water-bottle-caps
    free of Azodicarbonamide
  • Safe-Seal liners for induction heat sealing
    as tamper evident closures
  • Gold-Seal liners as temper evidence and aroma protection
    e.g. for instant coffee
  • Liners as discs and washers, also special shapes possible

Way of delivery
  • loose packed liners
  • liners directed in PE hoses
  • lining material in reel and tape form

Supporting Materials
  • EPE-Foam
  • Tri-Seal
  • Poly-Seal LD and HD
  • Alveolit
  • plastics
  • wood pulp
  • grey carton
  • duplex carton
  • wool felt carton

Laminating Materials

   PE    PET
   PP    PTFE
   PVDC    Aluminium
   paper    glassine

Diameters and Thickness

   as per specification

The materials used are selected according to your requirements, for which purpose we can choose from a wide range of products. We have got a large number of different materials at our disposal, which are physiologically harmless and correspond to the newest regulations for food packaging. Further we can also offer a corresponding solution, in case of special requirements to the chemical resistance of the liners.